Look at Me! Get Eyeballs Off Phones & On Business



​You know how frustrating it is to try to keep up on marketing technology and strategies that work in today’s market where every customer has a computer in their pocket that they use to make their buying decisions on-the-go? I’ve been there - I’ve been helping B2B and B2C companies in the marketing realm for over a decade and every semester I teach a course at MSUM where I’m constantly updating my curriculum.

One of the biggest problems people told me they’ve had while losing time and money chasing after obsolete techniques and platforms is they feel like they’re on their own. They’re bombarded with get-rich-quick-type social media marketing classes or misdirected SEO techniques “guaranteed” to help them.

That’s why I'm creating this *NEW* online course, "Look At Me! Get Eyeballs Off Phones & On Business". In it, you'll learn tested strategies for successful marketing on mobile phones and tablets, as well as critical thinking skills you can rely on as the technology evolves. While your competition is dragging their feet, this training will help you leap into mobile marketing with confidence and keep pace with your already untethered consumers.