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You know how frustrating it is to keep up on marketing technology and strategies that work in today's world where :

  • Everyone has a computer in their pocket?
  • Customers make buying decisions on-the-go and have immediate access to reviews and recommendations?
  • Your business is under increasing pressure to deliver positive, engaging experiences with consumers on their phones and tablets?

I've been there - I've helped hundreds of B2B and B2C companies in the marketing realm for over a decade and I'm challenged to update my curriculum for the constantly-waitlisted university course I teach on mobile marketing.

Preoccupied People
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Do You Feel isolated?

One of the biggest problems people told me they've had while losing time and money chasing after obsolete techniques and platforms is they feel like they're on their own.

Rather than a lack of information that's making their life hard, it's the fact that there's an overabundance of marketing advice, tactics and solutions. They're bombarded daily with get-rich-quick-type social media marketing classes or misdirected SEO techniques “guaranteed" to help them.

The only time they feel good about making advertising and marketing decisions is when they've seen or heard great results from their peers and professionals. But it's hard to get advice sometimes; everyone is so busy and scattered, and sometimes questions just can't wait.

That's why I wanted to create an online community of people dedicated to helping support and learn together.

As a member, you'll get the pick the brains of others who've been in your situation and bounce ideas off fellow marketers. Instead of spending days and weeks and tons of cash trying to find the right answers yourself, you'll have the benefit of your own personal mastermind group to stay informed of the most important information and news you need to make your marketing in the 21st century relevant, personalized and timely.​

Follow Your True North
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for Conversation, Encouragement and Support while we use our marketing knowledge for good!

Who Are We?

Dare to Be Humble Marketers is a group of people dedicated to authentic marketing practices that grow relationships and profits. Our community is designed to be a safe, inclusive and inviting space for marketers of all skill levels to connect, encourage and support each other*.


Just send me a message below!

Hey Cas!

My name & email address associated with my Facebook account is : 

I'm psyched to join the Dare to be Humble crew! As soon as you give me the web address to this amazing group, I'll go check it out, click/tap the "Join" button, and wait for you to verify and add me!

I'll supply a few occasional prompts inside the group, and encourage you to reach out and ask your fellow members for help anytime you need it. Best of all, it's a free group, so if you like it, encourage your friends to join. If it doesn't help you, leave anytime.

Together, we can build a strong group of marketers who resonate with the idea that marketing is about getting the word out about life-changing products, services and ideas and making the world a better place!

*All members are expected to abide by the Community Guidelines and ensure that posts and comments are respectful and relevant. For support or questions related to this community, tag Cas or contact us.